[IELTS] Serena (IELTS Vietnamese Student)'s Testimony
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Actually, when I come here, my English level is low and

I do not expect too much,

but after spending first 1 month in CNC, my English improved a lot.

I just got speak simple sentences.

After finishing training IELTS course, I got 5.5. It is amazing that

I can speak English confidently and fluently also. I want to say

thank you for all my tutor.



She always support me once I had problems or when sometimes

I lost my motivation.


Secondly, I really want to say thanks to Miss Rhoda my vocabulary

tutor when I first met her, I felt a little difficulty to talk with her and

honestly she is really a straight forward person so that why it’s quite hurt

if you only think negatively.


However, by the time. I learnt from her advise, I improved step by step.

In this way, I still want to say with others students who need high score

in IELTS, everything depend on yourself, just try harder everyday like

Miss Rhoda told me.


Thirdly, my buddy tutor, Miss Myren, do you still remember our last clas?

So memorable. I will miss the way the inspire me. It’s unblelievable

that she spent 50 minitues to correct only one sound for me and she

still correct my pronunciation until the last day stayed in CNC.


I want to write more but I don’t know where to start, where to stop.

I have a lot of things that I want to do, a lot of people I want to say

thanks such as Miss Che who prayed for me before I took official test,

lucky who always give me advise and frezel.

I will come back there to spend more wonderful time in there and study

to get higher score.


Thanks CNC for all the time.



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