[IELTS] Vietnamese Student Bella's IELTS Testimony
  글쓴이 : C&C     날짜 : 17-04-19 16:50     조회 : 562    

Hello everyone. My name is Bella. I’m very glad to tell you about my experiences in CNC School.

 I spent 14 weeks studying English here and it was a

memorable period of time in my life. 


 Almost tutors in CNC are young, they are friendly and funny.

It is better for you to study ESL and IELTS here because you can communicate in English

or practice speaking English easily anywhere and anytime.


Studying here gave me a chance making friends with International people and knew

about the Filipino’s lifestyle-x-x. My friends in CNC helped me overcome missing home.

The food in CNC is fine but the local food is really delicious.


At the end of course, my English is improved significantly especially pronunciation.

My IELTS score now is 6.0 compared to 4.0 at the beginning.

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